Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
The incomplete reference-guide to Herbal medicine


Mexican nut pine

Plant Names
English Mexican nut pine, Mexican pine nut, Mexican pinyon, Mexican stone pine, Pinyon pine
Latin Pinus cembroides Zucc., Pinus osteosperma Engelm.
Diseases & Uses
Diseases Cataplasm, compress, fomentation, Herbicide, Poultice, Weedkillers
Foods Condiment, culinary herb, spice
Other uses colouring, Dye, dyeing
 ascorbic acid, ash, Beta-carotene, Calcium, Carbohydrates, fat, Fibres, iron, Niacin, phosphorus, proteins, Riboflavin, salicylate, Thiamine, water

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Culinary herb, Spice, Condiment?
Dyeing, colouring, Dye?
Herbicide, Weedkillers?
poultice, Cataplasm, compress, fomentation?
Source: LiberHerbarum/Pn3951