Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
The incomplete reference-guide to Herbal medicine



Plant Names
English bael, Bael de India, Bael Fruit, baeltree, belfruit-tree, Bengal-quince, Golden apple, Indian bael, Indian baelfruit, Indian quince
Latin Aegle marmelos (Linnaeus) Corrêa, Crateva marmelos Linnaeus
Plant partsFoliage, Ripe fruit, Seed, Unripe fruit
Diseases & Uses
Diseases Aids digestion, Anti-diarrheic, Anti-diarrhoeal, benificial effect on the digestion, constipation, Costive, Costiveness, diaorrhea, Diarrhea, diarrhoea, Digestive, digestive trouble, Digestive weakness, disease of the eye, dispepsia, Dyschezia, Dyspepsia, Dyssynergic defaecation, Eupeptic, eye diseases, Good for digestion, good for the stomach, improves digestion, Indigestion, ophthalmic disease, opthalmic disease, Poor digestion, Promotes digestion, Satrigent, stimulates digestion, stomach atony, stomach debility, Stomachic, stomach lassitude, stomach tonic, Warming digestive, weak stomach
Foods Sweet drink
 ascorbic acid, ash, Beta-carotene, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Citral, Citronellal, D-Limonene, essential oil, eucalyptol, fagarine, fat, Fibres, Gamma-Sitosterol, iron, mucilage, Niacin, P-Cymene, pectin, phellandrene, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, psoralen, Riboflavin, starch, sugars, tannin, tartaric acid, Thiamine, water

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Diseases & UsesPlant parts ↔ Method of use
constipation, Costive, Costiveness, Dyschezia, Dyssynergic defaecationRipe fruit ↔ ?
diarrhea, Anti-diarrheic, Anti-diarrhoeal, diaorrhea, diarrhoeaUnripe fruit ↔ ?
disease of the eye, eye diseases, ophthalmic disease, opthalmic diseaseFoliage ↔ Compress
dyspepsia, Aids digestion, benificial effect on the digestion, Digestive, digestive trouble, Digestive weakness, dispepsia, Eupeptic, Good for digestion, improves digestion, indigestion, Poor digestion, Promotes digestion, stimulates digestion, Warming digestiveUnripe fruit ↔ ?
SatrigentUnripe fruit ↔ ?
Stomachic, good for the stomach, stomach atony, stomach debility, stomach lassitude, stomach tonic, weak stomachUnripe fruit ↔ ?
Sweet drinkRipe fruit ↔ ?
Source: LiberHerbarum/Pn2286