Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
The incomplete reference-guide to Herbal medicine



Plant Names
English Kava, Kava-Kava, Kava Pepper
Latin Piper methysticum G. FORSTER
Plant partsRhizome / Rootstock, Root, Rootstock
Diseases & Uses
Diseases Ache, Aches, analgesic, Anodyne, Antidepressant, Antidepressive, Antiinflammatory, Antispasmodic, Anti-Stress, Anxiety, Anxiety disorder, Anxiety disorders, Anxious, aphrodisiac, Calmative, convulsive state, cramp, Cramps, Depression, Freight, Increases sexual desire, inflammation, Insomnia, local anaesthesia, local anaesthetic, Nervousness, Pain, painful disorders, painkiller, pain relief, pain relieving, Pains, pain stilling, Pick-me-up, regional anaesthesia, relaxant, relaxes the nervous system, Relaxing, relax spasms, Sedative, sleeplessness, soothe, soothes nerves, Soothing, spasm, Spasmolytic, Stimulant, stimulating, Stress, Tranquilizer, tranquillizer
Women's diseases climacteric, ease menopausal symptoms, menopausal problems, Menopause
Other uses Narcotic, narcotic effect
 ash, benzoic acid, Beta-Sitosterol, Campesterol, Cholesterol, cinnamic-Acid, Docosan-1-Ol, Dodecan-1-Ol, Eicosan-1-Ol, essential oil, Fibres, flavonoid, fructose, glucose, glycoside, mucilage, proteins, starch, Stigmasterol, Sucrose, sugar, sugars, Tetracosan-1-Ol, Tetracosanol, water

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Diseases & UsesPlant parts ↔ Method of use
analgesic, Pain, Ache, Aches, Anodyne, painful disorders, painkiller, pain relief, pain-relieving, Pains, pain stillingRoot ↔ ?
Antidepressant, depression, Antidepressive?
Root ↔ ?
Antispasmodic, cramp, spasm, convulsive state, cramps, relax spasms, Spasmolytic?
Root ↔ ?
Rootstock ↔ ?
anxiety, Anxiety disorder, Anxiety disorders, Anxious, Freight, Nervousness?
aphrodisiac, Increases sexual desireRoot ↔ ?
inflammation, AntiinflammatoryRoot ↔ ?
local anaesthesia, local anaesthetic, regional anaesthesiaRoot ↔ ?
menopause, climacteric, ease menopausal symptoms, menopausal problemsRootstock ↔ ?
Narcotic, narcotic effectRoot ↔ ?
Pick-me-up, stimulant, stimulatingRootstock ↔ ?
relaxant, Relaxing?
Root ↔ ?
sedative, Calmative, relaxes the nervous system, soothe, soothes nerves, Soothing, tranquilizer, tranquillizerRoot ↔ ?
Rootstock ↔ ?
sleeplessness, insomnia?
Rootstock ↔ ?
Stress, Anti-Stress?
Source: LiberHerbarum/Pn1452