Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
The incomplete reference-guide to Herbal medicine


butterfly milkweed

Plant Names
English butterfly milkweed, Butterflyweed, Canada Root, chiegerflower, Chigger Flower, Fluxroot, Indian Posy, Orange Milkweed, Orange-root, Orange Swallow-wort, Pleurisy-root, Tuber-root, White-root, Windroot, Yellow Milkweed
Latin Asclepias tuberosa L.
Diseases & Uses
Diseases Antispasmodic, aperient, Carminative, Cataplasm, catharic, Clears gas, compress, convulsive state, Cramp, Cramps, Diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, Expellant of phlegm, Fart, flatulence, flatus, fomentation, Gas, hidrotic, Induce sweating, intestinal gas, laxative, movements of the bowel, Mucolytic agent, poultice, purgative, relax spasms, spasm, Spasmolytic, sudorific, sweat-inducing, Tonic, Vasodilator, wind
Foods sweetener
 Vegetable oil

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Antispasmodic, cramp, spasm, convulsive state, cramps, relax spasms, Spasmolytic?
flatulence, Carminative, Clears gas, Fart, flatus, Gas, intestinal gas, wind?
laxative, aperient, catharic, movements of the bowel, purgative?
Mucolytic agent, expectorant, Expellant of phlegm?
poultice, Cataplasm, compress, fomentation?
sweat-inducing, Diaphoretic, hidrotic, Induce sweating, sudorific?
Source: LiberHerbarum/Pn1467